Friday, October 31, 2008

LONG time No BlOg!!!!

well hello everyone... well let me start off by saying i noe i haven't blogged in a while it is just that i have been very busy with school work and this writing program i'm in called girls write now
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girls write now is a program dedicated to high school girls from every borough in new york city who when they grow up want to become writers.It's a very cool program might i had and basically what we do in the program is they pair a teenage girl with an adult woman who is in the writing industry& the woman you are paired with is your mentor.The mentors role is to help their mentee with writing and to guide their mentee on what it takes to be a writer.Something else that we do in the program is once a month all the mentor and mentee pairs come to together for writing workshops.Every workshop has a different topic some of the topics range from songwriting to poetry to playwriting.But so far we have only had two workshops,the first one was the orientation what we did in the orientation was meet all the mentors and mentees and we did some group excercises.In one of the group excercises we had to come up with a idea of what we would like to see on a t-shirt that involed writing(might i add that their were alot of really cool ideas).Last saturday was our second workshop and the workshop was about memoirs, it was really fun i mean the activities were cool,the lunch was great,and we meet a author named Janice Erlbaum who wrote a memoir titled Girl Bomb
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Janice gave everyone a free copy of the book too and it is really good,once i started i couldn't put it down and so far i'm on chapter 10...well that's becuz i started reading it on monday lol. And something else i thought i should blog about was my super kewl new outfit(some of the pieces i recently bought and other pieces i already owned) and last but not least here are the pics of my cute outfit:
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these r my new beige courdouroy pants from old navy(they are very comfortable&cute)
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this is my "love knows no color" shirt from forever21 and my favorite necklace from h&m
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this is my new cardigan& rainbow scarf from old navy.And my new gray hat from h&m
TO finish off the outfit i wore my coach sneakers(that i love a whole lot)
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MzDaizyxx3 said...

Wow that group sounds really KewL
I love ur hat
&& ur scarf is SUPER KUTE
&& the coach shoes are gorgeous
i wanted them in blue