Friday, October 31, 2008

LONG time No BlOg!!!!

well hello everyone... well let me start off by saying i noe i haven't blogged in a while it is just that i have been very busy with school work and this writing program i'm in called girls write now
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girls write now is a program dedicated to high school girls from every borough in new york city who when they grow up want to become writers.It's a very cool program might i had and basically what we do in the program is they pair a teenage girl with an adult woman who is in the writing industry& the woman you are paired with is your mentor.The mentors role is to help their mentee with writing and to guide their mentee on what it takes to be a writer.Something else that we do in the program is once a month all the mentor and mentee pairs come to together for writing workshops.Every workshop has a different topic some of the topics range from songwriting to poetry to playwriting.But so far we have only had two workshops,the first one was the orientation what we did in the orientation was meet all the mentors and mentees and we did some group excercises.In one of the group excercises we had to come up with a idea of what we would like to see on a t-shirt that involed writing(might i add that their were alot of really cool ideas).Last saturday was our second workshop and the workshop was about memoirs, it was really fun i mean the activities were cool,the lunch was great,and we meet a author named Janice Erlbaum who wrote a memoir titled Girl Bomb
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Janice gave everyone a free copy of the book too and it is really good,once i started i couldn't put it down and so far i'm on chapter 10...well that's becuz i started reading it on monday lol. And something else i thought i should blog about was my super kewl new outfit(some of the pieces i recently bought and other pieces i already owned) and last but not least here are the pics of my cute outfit:
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these r my new beige courdouroy pants from old navy(they are very comfortable&cute)
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this is my "love knows no color" shirt from forever21 and my favorite necklace from h&m
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this is my new cardigan& rainbow scarf from old navy.And my new gray hat from h&m
TO finish off the outfit i wore my coach sneakers(that i love a whole lot)
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Friday, October 24, 2008


hey everyone... so let me start off by saying today was one of the best days i've had in a while first i had a half a day of school becuz of parent teacher conferences.which was cool becuz i onli had four classes which were 2nd period(english),3rd period(music),8th period(global),and 9th period(regents prep which is normally very borin but it wasn't tadey becuz in class we watched finding nemo).& i got out of skool today at 12 which was kewl!!.Then i met up with my cuz who also had a half a day and we went to the movie theaters to see either highschool musical 3 or the secret life of bees.But we winded up seeing: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
which was fabulous lol get it?! well fabulous is one of the songs sung by ashley tisdale.I really loved the movie and before seeing it i thought i wouldn't like it and that it would be boring but boy did it prove me wrong it was great.I would definitely give the movie 2 thumbs up and five stars and i recommend everyone to go see this movie.But once i saw the movie i realized this would be the last highschool musical with corbin bleu,vanessa hudgens,zac efron,ashley tisdale,monique coleman,and lucas grabeel in it but i would say they did a awesome job in this,and if there is ever a high school musical 4 i will definitely go see it!!!.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey-Los Everyone

heyy well today is another wonderful and beautiful monday u noe i actually love mondays becuz to me every monday is like a fresh start.wat i mean is if u had a real crappy time last week u have a possibility to have an awesome week this time.& another reason y i love monday is becuz all my favorite shows will be on tonight like the hills,one tree hill,gossip girl...ohhh and speaking of gossip girl when i got home today i had a brand new catalog from a favorite store of mine called delia's waiting for me and looking through it i saw a lot of really kewl funky cute stuff and one that caught my eye was a tee that is similar to my favorite show gossip girl but the only difference was the name on the shirt which was:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic lol isn't a cute tee i definitely have to buy it and some other things they had in the catalog were these really kewl metallic converse in silver:
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and they are available in gold:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic umm u noe i like them both but i think i want to get the gold ones
& there was also some really cute animal cardigans available in blue,ivory and yellow(but i want the yellow one):
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some of the other things that were in the catalog that i thought were cute were 1) the colored corduroys:
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& 2) the scarfs:
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so just so everyone knoes in advance don't be surprised if in a future blog entry i write about my cool new pieces!!! lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008


yes!!! it is finally saturday i would say even though i didn't do much, today was a good day.i mean after an entire week of waiting for my iphone i finally got it back today yay!! i was so happy.& since i got it this morning i've been on it all day calling everyone i know.and i'm excited cuz tommorow i'm gonna do the breast cancer walk in central park with my friends the reason y i'm doing the walk is because i think it is for such a great cause and plus in my school it is required that you have 100 community service credits to graduate and so far i have 0 so in order to gain credits my school lets the students sign up for every walk and you get credits for going and walking.Also tommorow i'm going to the salon to do my hair and now at this point i trying to decide whether or not i should get highlights i already have some though their auburn but the weird thing is when i first got them they were burgundy?! so that was weird but if i do get them done again i will get blonde highlights i think they will look cool.

man you know it's times like this that i wish i had money becuz i recently came upon some really cute purple converse Image and video hosting by TinyPic that i want to buy but at the moment i am broke!! but no worry i have been asking my mom for money and hopefully she'll give me enough money to buy them.
Something else that i have been obsessed with are wide leg pants i think they are so cute and at the moment i currently own one pair but i plan on buying more and when i do i want to buy the following:
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& here r some other things i have had my eye on and i plan to buy later on:
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Friday, October 17, 2008


it's finally friday man this has been one of the longest weeks ever.& might i add i'm extremely happy because today was the start of the second marking period in my school,& another reason why im happy is because i'm finally done with test taking first i took my pre s.a.t.s on wednesday,
and yesterday i had a music test which in my opinion was very easy& i had a math test.

BesIdes all the test i took i had a real crappy week i mean i was sick the entire week and i gave my mother my iphone to take to a store to get it fixed becuz it was acting crazy on monday.& wat really upsets me is the fact that today is friday and i'm still without my iphone mann it is one of the worse feelings being without my ipod!!!

somethings i can look forward to r hopefully getting my iphone tomorrow & tonight all of my favorite shows r coming on like everybody hates chris which is SUPER-LY funny, the game which is a show i love dearly and 2 of my other favorite shows r coming on which are degrassi and south of nowhere[yup i'm in luv wit the-n]

ohhh and since this blog is about my love for fashion and music i thought i should add both to this blog entry & below i will do that...


Untitled by Fashion Guru 52

Untitled by Fashion Guru 52

CHIC ROCKER by kai-babiie

anD now for the music with me being in love with youtube i'm always looking for new songs and videos and today i think i hit the jackpot today i found the video to my new favorite song which is love lockdown by kanye west and u noe since i loved the video so much i thought it would only be rite if i put the video here for all of u to see why and wat made me love the video so here it is:

Another Video That I Found Was By The Love Of My Life Chris Brown and it features one of my new favorite singers Keri Hilson and the name of the song IS SUPER HUMAN
and to be truefully honest when i first heard the song i hated it but now that i've seen the video and heard the song more then once i would say i like the song now & here is the video hope u enjoy IT!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OMGEE!!! a NEW beginning!!!!

Soooooooooo wat's up everybody!!! well i go by my birth name KyIrA(yea i noe wat ur thinkin that is such a unique name yea i noe it is lmao) but i'm also known by my nickname Kai :p

Wat made me decide to create this blog is simply my love for fashion and writing.& i've tried writing
diary entries and journals and everytime i tried i just gave up becuz it wasn't my
cup of tea.One day i just happened to come across blogger and wat made me decide to create my own blog was seeing all the other extremely KEWL blogs.
i thought how cool here

I can write about any and everything i like without having to do it by pen and paper
.sO my goal is to write a new entry everyday if i remember and have time too. AnD i will most definitely include photos and videos.