Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 LONG MoNtHs!!!!

Well is it just me or have other 15 year olds had the sudden urge to find a job, that way they could earn an reasonable amount of money rather then asking their parents .well i know i certainly have, recently i have been asking my mom for money constantly so that i can expand my collection of clothes now i'm to the point where it is becoming a pain asking her for money i really want to find a job so that i won't have to rely on any 1 but myself.But the only thing stopping me from working is the fact that i'm im 15 and i won't be 16 for 7 more months...but once i'm able to i will definitely be working.OmGeE!!! i need MONEY!!!!!
Man let me just start by saying saturday has become my new favorite day reason being...well before last saturday i had a workshop i had to go to for this program that i've talked about before called GWN otherwise known as girls write now.Every workshop we write about different genres,so far we've had a memoir and a orientation workshop.The lastest workshop was about poetry the two themes we had to make poems out of were sustenance and hunger.In the workshop the gwn leaders talked about a contest titled Image and video hosting by TinyPic
scholastic art & writing awards and basically it's when you write pieces in any genre from poetry to non fiction to humor stories and you submit them to scholastic(by the way that is where the workshop took place in the scholastic building which is in the village) and if your piece(s) are good enough they get published and scholastic' s annual anthology. also in the workshop we learned how to write sestinas and villanelles(yea it sounds weird but i'll explain it in another blog) And we met a lady by the name of Lisa Ann Sandell and Lisa during her sophmore and junior year in college moved to israel(in seventh grade i went to turkey to go to a space camp and while there i made friends who are from israel, any who...) and her being there inspired her to write a book called The Weight Of The Sky.Recently Lisa wrote a book that was published in 2007 called Song Of The Sparrow which is a retelling of arthurian legend.And Lisa's inspiration behind this book was a poem Called The Lady Of Shalott by tennyson.and this poem was about a girl who was madly in love with this guy and he rejected her...and becuz of being rejected she died of a broken heart.SORRY IF MY SUMMARY OF THE POEM SUCKED I HAVEN'T READ THE ENTIRE POEM YET!!.Anyways Lisa also told us about one day she went to a art museum and they had this beautiful picture of the lady of shalott:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and this picture is by John William Waterhouse and this picture was made in 1888.
Something else that Lisa told us before her departure was that she read this poem called the flea by John Dunn and this poem is about a guy who is madly in love with this woman and he wants a flea to bite him and then to bite the woman he is in love with so that their blood can be mingled together inside of the flea.when lisa told us this everyone was very confused but in a good way the minute she told us about it everyone started writing down the title and author of the poem.
OMGEE man i am excited becuz with the help of my mentor i am going to enter a fiction story writing contest by seventeen magazine(ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE
anyways in the contest you have to write a fiction story about whatever you want to write about the only restrictions is that it has to be no more then 5oo words which is a piece of cake for me.The prize for the winner is a cash prize of $2,500,a trip for two to have lunch with meg cabot (who is the author of the princess diaries) in either new york city or key west florida,a laptop by intel,and your story will be published in a 2009 issue of seventeen magazine.
As for any good books i'm reading lately,with the wide spread of twilight mania i thought i should be apart of the madness so today after school i went to barnes and nobles and i bought twilight(yea i know many people r thinking wow you wait to now to like the books lmao i know i know it's just that at first vampire romances weren't my thing but thanks to my friends i'm interested in it now)and once i finish blogging i'm gonna put on my sweats and cuddled up in a nice corner and start reading.OOOO i almost forgot my second reason for liking saturdays is being able to go to a nice cafe on a VERY cold day.so last saturday i met up with my mentor from GWN named christina and together we went to this cafe on 34 street named pax wholesome foods Image and video hosting by TinyPic(umm... this isn't the one i went to though) yea but the food there looked and smelled amazing and since i was on a budget i only got a cup of lipton tea lol.But if and when i go there again i will buy something to eat.

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