Thursday, October 16, 2008

OMGEE!!! a NEW beginning!!!!

Soooooooooo wat's up everybody!!! well i go by my birth name KyIrA(yea i noe wat ur thinkin that is such a unique name yea i noe it is lmao) but i'm also known by my nickname Kai :p

Wat made me decide to create this blog is simply my love for fashion and writing.& i've tried writing
diary entries and journals and everytime i tried i just gave up becuz it wasn't my
cup of tea.One day i just happened to come across blogger and wat made me decide to create my own blog was seeing all the other extremely KEWL blogs.
i thought how cool here

I can write about any and everything i like without having to do it by pen and paper
.sO my goal is to write a new entry everyday if i remember and have time too. AnD i will most definitely include photos and videos.

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MzDaizyxx3 said...

I guess we're both new to this! Welcome to blogville Kai.
&& thanx for following my blog!